Monday, April 08, 2013

Hey beautiful people! So this past weekend my sister's and I attended IMATS in New York. The International Make-up Trade show is the make-up world's biggest social gathering for aspiring make-up artist, make-up vendors, and even make-up professionals in the fashion and film industry. I first heard about IMATS about two years ago when I started getting into make-up. A few of my favorite youtube gurus such as Lizlizlive, BritPopprincess, BeautyByJJ, and ShirleyEniang always attend the one in London and it always looked like an interesting convention to attend so when my sister informed me that they were holding one in New York we jumped on the opportunity to go. 

After attending I have to say it was a nice experience overall but I probably wouldn't go every year. IMATS is definitely perfect for an aspiring makeup artist because you can purchase a lot of makeup items at a discounted price and it gives you the opportunity to connect with fellow make-up lovers.I made sure to get myself a few goodies while there which I will show you all below. I also bumped into youtuber Enibaby4 while down there. She was very sweet and personable! Check out her channel below! 

Here a few pics from the day including my outfit of the day 

Hat- H&M
Sweater- Vintage (pulled from my mom's closet!)
Pants- H&M 
Shoes- Off Broadway
Bracelet- H&M
Here are the goodies I picked up at IMATS

Among the items I purchased on Saturday, my Naked Cosmetics loose pigments have to be my favorite purchase. This multi-purpose loose pigment can be worn as an eyeshadow, lipstick, nail polish, eyeliner, bronzer, and temporary hair highlights and best of all Naked Cosmetics are the purest, most natural make-up and does not  contain talc, oil, wax, or other filler that can be harmful to your skin. I also purchased Model in a Bottle which is made to set your make-up after application.

It's soo pigmented! I love it!! 

Here's how one of the colors looks as a nail polish

Check out the loose pigment as a lipstick! This picture doesn't even do the color justice! Im gonna have so much fun with this :)

To purchase Naked Cosmetics check out their website below

Check out Enibaby4 Channel below 

To find out more about IMATS visit their website