Friday, June 26, 2015

Hey beautiful people! Happy Friday!! So if you follow me on other social media platforms, ie. my Instagram and Snapchat, you would know that my brother and I celebrated our birthday this past monday June 22. My siblings and I went down to Atlantic City for the weekend and it was definitely a nice way to celebrate our day. We were there from Saturday to Monday and I have to admit that Atlantic City definitely is not that same AC that it was a few years ago before Hurricane Sandy but we still made the most of it and I truly enjoyed myself. It was nice to get away just for a little. I didn't get a chance to take proper pictures of my daytime outfits the first two days but I did take a few pics of what I wore to dinner that Sunday evening. I kept my look simple and chic with an off the shoulder top and a sleek bodycon skirt. I also managed to get a few pics when we went to the beach on Monday. Here a few pictures below. Hope you all enjoy and Happy Birthday to all my June Babies and Cancers out there! :)

*Update: For this months "How do you wear it Challenge" the theme is how we style bodycon. I decided to choose this look since it showcases how I styled this bodycon skirt. Make sure you check out how the other ladies styled their looks. Links listed below.

Can you believe this bikini only cost 9 dollars! Such a bargain! 

 Top- American Apparel
Skirt- Boohoo
Necklace- Forever 21
Bikini- H&M

Sarah | Princess Audu
Louisa | La Passion Voutee
Diane | DeeVine Anonyme
Esther | Style Krush


  1. The colour of the skirt is so pretty..:)

    1. Thank you dear! & thanks for stopping by my blog!

  2. Your skirt is really pretty, love the color. Happy birthday dear, wishing you all the best

  3. great blog, have a nice week!


  4. No way did you turn 26?!?
    I'm inferring that from the title, but please correct me if otherwise loooool
    Happy belated dear x

    BLEURGH - http://www.bleurghnow.com

    1. Lol yes indeed I am lol Thank you dear! Appreciate it! :)

  5. Happy belated birthday!!! Mine was the 21st! You looked amazing.

    1. Awww day before mine! Happy Belated b-day to you too!

  6. Happy belated birthday to you and your brother. 26? Girl you look younger than that. Haha I love how both of us were kinda matching with our taupe colored outfit. If I had gotten the memo, I just might have worn the same colored skirt too. I love how you were daring with a crop top, you have a great body. You can also link to my look as it's live on my blog.


    1. Aww thanks girl! Yea i think its funny how we all coordinated in some way, will def check out your post as well!

  7. Happy Belated birthday and I must say you look amazing in your bikini.x

    MOILESEDI - http://moilesedi.blogspot.co.uk/

  8. I love the colour of your skirt...suits you perfectly

    26?????....wow...you sure don't look it


  9. I love the nude colour on you girl. You look stunning girl, happy belated birthday to you and your brother.
    Princess Audu