Shawl it Down

Thursday, April 07, 2016

Hey beautiful people! Hope everyone is doing well. Long time, no post. I feel like I've neglected my blog for sometime so I wanted to show it some love lol I decided to play dress up this past weekend and modeled some of my Moms African pieces. For those who may not know, my mother owns her own business selling authentic African pieces including clothing, jewelry, and accessories. She has been running her business for over 20 years and is very successful at it. She travels to several conferences & church events selling her merchandise but I am looking to also create an online market for her. Although her items appeal to an older demographic she also has pieces, such as this one, that our generation can rock! These shawls are definitely one of her best sellers and I see why. Its such a standout piece and not to mention very cozy lol. The website is still a work in progress but this shawl is currently up on the site. Here is a mini lookbook of me showcasing a few of her shawls. Hope you all enjoy. I'll leave the link to her website down below in case you all are interested in purchasing your own. Well until next post :)

Basket Design Shawl

Black & White Reversible Shawl
Hat- H&M
Top- Forever 21
Pants- H&M
Shoes- Lulus


  1. soo sophisticated! This outfit looks soo good on you :)

  2. the last shawl is soooooo cute !

  3. The shawl is everything. It makes this outfit. Love it

  4. I LOVE THIS! I will see if I can replicate this and post its DIY on my blog.