Welcome to Miami!

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Hey Guys! Long time. Hope everyone is well! I havent posted in awhile so I wanna give you guys fair warning, this is gonna be a lengthy post lol. I went to Miami a week ago which was absolutely amazing!! It was soooo much! I've been to Florida before but this was first time going to Miami so I was soo excited to go and this trip definitely met my expectations. The atmosphere of Miami is like no other. So full of life, excitement, breath taking culture, delicious food, and exquisite weather! It was such a fun trip as you will see below! Enjoy my day by day recap :)

Day 1

So we left Thursday evening and arrived there around 9:30 or so. Since the day was pretty much over we just settled in and walked down the strip a little. We spotted a Wet Willies not too far from our hotel and decided to check it out. Even though I don't drink I decided to just get one, after all I was in Miami lol. I got a Sex on the beach but as you can see in the pic I didn't even drink half of it smh lol. Surprisingly the food was delicious! I didn't even know Wet Willie's served food so it was a pleasant surprise that our food was soo good. Although it took ages for them to bring it out it was definitely worth the wait!

Top- Rainbow
Pants- Macy's (junior section)
Shoes- Target
Collar jewelry- Ebay
Ring- H&M

Day 2


On friday we started off our day by going parasailing in the morning. That was definitely one of the highlights of the trip. Im still proud of myself for conquering two of my biggest fears in one..fear of heights and the fear of drowning lol I still cant believe I did this :O We were in the air for about 15 minutes and although it was terrifying initially after awhile me and my sister's were just chilling having casual conversations as if we weren't more than 300 ft in the air lol. All and all it was definitely an experience and a lot of fun! 

Later on we went to the beach which was another highlight! Miami water is like no other. I've never been in beach water thats so clear,warm, and leveled. I felt like I was in a pool. You can go quite far out in Miami water and still stand which is a plus for me since I dont know how to swim lol. Later on that night we went to LIV which was soo much fun! DJ Cassidy was the DJ that night and he definitely did the damn thing! 
-Day Outfit-
Bikini- Victoria Secret
Skirt- American Apparel
Necklace- Forever 21
Glasses- Forever21

-Night Outfit-
Top- Ebay
Ombre pants- H&M
Shoes- Ebay
Bracelets- Flordia Ave

Day 3


Saturday was very chill. We started off the day by going on a boat ride called Thriller which took us on a tour of Star Island. There we saw various celebrity homes such as Ricki Martin's, Gloria Estafan, Will Smiths old house, and the house where Scarface was filmed.  Afterwards we went to the beach then went out to eat later on that evening. The food was absolutely delicious! After dinner we called it a night lol I dont know how people party every night when they go to Miami. Being out all day is tiresome, especially in heat lol  

Dress- Ebay
Body chain- Ebay
Sandals- Target 
Sunglasses- Forever 21
Purse- Nigeria

Day 4

Since Sunday was our last day in Miami it was very chill and relaxing. We first went to Espanola Way which is a district located in Miami's Art Deco district. The area is modeled after Mediterranean villages of Spain and France and was very reminiscent of it. The area is so warm and pleasant and it reminded me a lot of Italy. (Cant wait to go back there, hopefully next summer *fingers crossed*) While there we ate at this nice Cuban spot and once again the food was delicious! 

Afterwards we went to Lincoln road and browsed around and I did good and only bought two pairs of earrings from Aldo's accessary store. Very surprising seeing as there was a big ass forever 21 and H&M there lol. Afterwards we headed back to our hotel and while heading back we passed Gianni Versace house where he was murdered which is quite creepy when you think about it, but we still had to snap a pic lol Afterwards we prepared for out flight :(

All in all is was an amazing vacation and I definitely can not wait to visit again! Till we meet again Miami *muah*

Skirt-TJ Maxx (previously styled here
Sandals- Target
Necklace- Forever 21
Bracelet- H&M
Purse- Nigeria
Glasses- Forever 21


  1. awesome pics,looks like fun and love the 2 pic is beautiful ;)

  2. Loved this post! I went to Miami in January, and this brought back soooo many memories! We did alot of the same things! We went to Wet Willie's our first night as well, lol. LOVE the food AND the huge slushy drinks. You are so right, there's nothing quite like Miami. Loved ALL your outfits! :)

    Maya| Petite & Unique

  3. Thanks girl!! Yes Wet Willles is a staple when you go.. so even though I don't drink I had to try it just because I was in Miami lol & haha yes the food down there is sooo good! Im hoping to go back in November *fingers crossed* lol