~True Blue~

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Hey ya'll! So as I mentioned in my last post I went out to eat with my sisters and two of our friends on Friday. We went to Oya to catch up and discuss our plans for our vacation next week (which I'm so excited about...Is it next week already?! *sigh*) Anyways, this was my second time being to Oya and although it's a bit pricey it is worth every single dollar! The food is sooooo good and the atmosphere is so classy and sophisticated! I'll leave a link to their website for anyone interested in checking it out.

Because I was familiar with the setting based on the first time I went, I wanted to dress up a little more the second time around so I wore a semi casual/dressy outfit which matched the setting perfectly. Here are a few pics of my outfit below along with pics from the dinner. 

 Shrimp Basmati Rice and duck spring roll (sooo good :p)

Thats all folks - Till next post! *waves*

Sweater- H&M
White button up- Forever21
Skater Skirt- Boohoo.com (Liz wet look scuba box pleat skirt)
Shoes- Zara sandals (yes I will wear the heck out of these sandals, free me lol)
Bracelet- H&M
Necklace- H&M
Fur trim- Ebay

Check out more about Oya at http://oyadc.com/


  1. Ahhh Your so Cute, This is a Lovely Outfit. Love the Skirt!
    Claudia xx

  2. Aww thank you! Appreciate it! I just checked out your blog...very nice! You have such lovely style! :)