Announcement: GIVEAWAY!!!!!

Monday, July 15, 2013

Hey beautiful people! So as I mentioned in a previous blogpost I have a little treat for you guys! I'm gonna be doing my first giveaway! Yay!! This is just to show my appreciation to those who take the time to visit my blog and have given me positive feedback, thank you! I've decided to give away a $50 dollar gift card to my favorite store, you guessed it -----> H&M :) lol Hopefully if my blog ever reaches a higher momentum the giveaways can get bigger! Anywhooo, here are the rules below...Make sure you take advantage of this opportunity otherwise I'll just spend the 50 on myself lol


1. Follow my blog -Click the link "Join this site" on the right (you will probably have to be logged into your google to follow it, but try and click it anyway to see if it will allow you to join the site w/o being logged in) ------->

2. Like me on facebook- Search "PoshNPetite" & simply like my facebook page.

Those are the rules. Pretty simple right lol The recipient will be chosen at random and I will announce the winner one week from today. Good luck to those who participate!


  1. I follow your blog using bloglovin.hope that counts :)

  2. Yes that is fine as well, thank you for participating! :) Remember to like my facebook page as well!

  3. Hey Janet,
    Great blog girl!!This giveaway makes me wish I still had a fb account....aww


  4. Lol Aww thanks Linda! :) Still follow my blog cause I'll do my more giveaways in the future!