-Festival LookBook-

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Hey Beautiful people! Happy tuesday!! So as we all know summer time is around the corner which means there will be a lot of festivals and concerts coming up!!! You guys already know attending concerts/festivals is one of my favorite hobbies so this was a fun lookbook for me to shoot. Some of the outfits are fitting for any occasion so hopefully you all can draw some inspiration from each look. Enjoy! :)

Look 1 
Hat- Target
Top- Forever 21
Shorts- American Apparel
Shoes- Call it spring

Look 2 
Headband- DIY
Top- American Apparel
Pants- Target

Look 3
Jacket- H&M
Top- American Apparel
Shorts- Forever 21
Jewelry- Aldo
Watch- Michael Kors 
Sandals- Forever 21
Back pack- Harlem Market

Look 4
Jacket- Oasap
Pants- H&M
Shoes- Charlotte Rousse
Necklace- Forever 21
Purse- Forever 21
Jewelry- Forever 21/Aldo

Look 5
Top- She Inside
Pants- H&M
Shoes- Call it Spring

Look 6  
Jacket- Thrifted (Value Village)
Pants- H&M
Shoes- Call it Spring
Jewelry- Aldo/Forever 21
Purse- Forever 21


  1. I love the fourth and fifth look


  2. great outfits !!
    Im in love with the 3rd one, you rock it !!