Change Clothes & Go!

Friday, August 09, 2013

Hey guys! Happy Friday!! So last night I attended the Legends of the Summer show and I'm still recuperating from the night lol It was sooooo much fun!! When I first heard Justin and Jay- Z were going on tour together I wondered how the show would be constructed since their genre of music are complete opposites but let me tell you, they did a damn good job with the setup! It was similar to the Watch the Throne tour with Kanye and Jay. They did a few songs together in the beginning then they both had their own sets then they came together again towards the end.

Ahhh it was such a fun concert! I was literally dancing the whole night. Only annoying thing is that the concert was at the M&T stadium and it rained a little during the show but not for too long, thank God! Here are a few pics I snapped before I left the house and of the show. I initially had on a completely different outfit but I had to change it before I left the house thanks to the rain...hence the title of my post "Change Clothes & Go" (yea corny, I know..idc lol)

Jumper- Rave (store is out of business)
Necklace- Forever 21
Sandals- Target
Purse- Nigeria