Sunday, August 11, 2013

Hey all! Happy Sunday! Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend. So yesterday I went to the US National Arboretum with my siblings and cousins. (Heyy Chidiebube, Chisom, & Goodness *waves* lol) lol The National Arboretum is a living museum where tress, shrubs, and herbaceous plants are cultivated for scientific and educational purposes. It was very enlightening to see the different contributions that plants and herbs contribute to our everyday lives. It was a nice chill day with my fam so if you're ever looking for something nice and chill to do with your friends, fam, or significant other I'd definitely recommend stopping by there. (Cc to Feli for suggesting we go). Here are a few pics from the day including my outfit of the day. My outfit was pretty chill, nothing spectacular but my necklace really brought the outfit out. I love statement necklaces, they're definitely a fun way to bring any outfit to life. Whats your go to essential statement piece? Shoes? Earrings? Handbags? Feel free to leave a comment below...Till next post! :)

Top- H&M
Shorts- Forever 21
Sandals- Rainbow (burrowed from my sister lol)
Purse- Nigeria
Necklace- Farmers Market


  1. Love that necklace! For me, I love a great pair of shoes to add some drama to a look. :) I am LOVING your style!

    Maya| Petite & Unique

  2. Thanks girl! Yes shoe's are definitely next in line from taking an outfit from a 2 to a 20 lol But thank you, your style is lovely as well! :)